Unable to trasfer file to S3 bucket

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Unable to trasfer file to S3 bucket

When I logged in through aws cli it was working , but through talend it is giving error. I used below information from AWS CLI.


aws_access_key_id =

aws_secret_access_key =

role_arn =

output =

region =
external_id =



How should I configure above information in Talend?

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Re: Unable to trasfer file to S3 bucket

it depend from what settings You have on AWS

by default You need access and secret keys


same as CLI - if for CLI You not use role_arn - You do not need it for Talend

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Re: Unable to trasfer file to S3 bucket

Thanks For the Reply.


From CLI i am using below properties along with access and secret keys . But don't know how to configure in ts3connection component .

In Assume Role there are only 3 options Role Arn, Role session name and session duration. 

How should I configure all below 4 properties ? Please find attached s3.png for reference.


properties  :- role_arn ,output ,region ,external_id







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Re: Unable to trasfer file to S3 bucket

we are don't use external_id, so I can not help because - never test this


as bypass (I use it also in several cases) - possible to install S3 client on Talend Server/Machine and use tSystem for run cli commands


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