Does Talend supports AWS lambda functionality

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Does Talend supports AWS lambda functionality



Could you please let me know does talend supports AWS lambda If no, Then is there any solution to migrate the components which is belongs to Lambda functionality into Talend open studio.


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Re: Does Talend supports AWS lambda functionality

Not out of the box even if it would be useful. There is a Talend blog entry about it here


I dont understand the second part of your question? Do you wish to integrate a Lambda Function into Talend is the question?

If it is yes, you will need to plug your Lambda to another AWS service (Kinesis, API Gateway, S3 bucket etcc.) to initiate the handler / event and send the input of your function.

  • Talend can use a tKinesisOutput to send you stream of data to your Lambda function (those functions are only available on the suscription based of Talend Real-Time Big Data).
  • For S3 bucket, it will be a tS3BucketOutput (seems to be available on Open Source version).
  • For API Gateway, it will result in a Webservice call with tWebService (seems to be available on Open Source version) after managing the security and getting a token might be tricky
  • Plain Java with one of the tJava - you will need to have a look into the SDK. I will recommend to get one of the AWS service component to handle the connection and retrieve it from the global map but it is more technical

For an asynchronous Lambda architecture (Kinesis and S3) you can have a glimpse on how it could work here:


The easiest if you are not technical and cant buy the license would be the S3 bucket and ask you kinesis to write back there (you could if real time is your things get the ESB Open Source and create a mediation route to get the message back).




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