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Connecting to Hive table in EMR



Can someone point me to some documentation on how to create a connection into Hive on EMR so I can load some data from sql server?  I recently completed a POC for snowflake, and for the most part, it was quite straight forward. I am really struggling with what components to use, the flow required, etc.


Thanks for any help anyone can provide.




Re: Connecting to Hive table in EMR



    You can connect Hive in EMR as shown in below diagram.


    Please also refer the documentation also specifying some scenarios to some quick validation.





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Nikhil Thampi

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Re: Connecting to Hive table in EMR

Hi Nikhil,


I saw that already, but I cannot figure out what to put in for the various attributes.  Espeically the resource manber, namenode, etc. and all port numbers.  Are there any examples/defaults I could use?


Thanks, Pete

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Re: Connecting to Hive table in EMR



I just read there should be some sub-options under teh Hadoop cluster connection type, but when I look at it, there is nothing:


Here is a screen shot of my connections:


How can I add in these options?